Pximity allows you to instantly search for profiles and businesses based on GPS location. Simultaneously add all social networks from profile to profile wirelessly. Connecting and networking with people is a part of everyday life. With Pximity, you can discover and network with people around you. Whether meeting new business people to discovering bands, Pximity instantly connects you. You control your privacy settings as you decide the discoverability of what is shown and what is not shown publicly.

-Follow business professionals, colleagues, musical bands, and students on campus instantly from user to user
-Radius expands up to 0.5 miles of locating discoverable users
-Search for businesses near you with GPS locator
-Organize users in your Directory and sort by occupation

Greek Zone


Keep up to date with the latest Greek Nights, Events, Greek Singers, festivals etc. Create your own event and post for FREE!

Greek Radio direct from Greece…our large selection of Greek Music and Greek Island party favourites.
More features coming…stay tuned

Uptown Dallas Apartments


Uptown Dallas is the #1 place to live for professionals in Texas. Uptown Dallas offers a convenient lifestyle for enjoying restaurants, night spots and making connections and friends. Use our UptownRentCompare app to quickly find the best place to live in Uptown Dallas that perfectly fits your move in date, budget and needs.

Nimbus Home 3


Nimbus Home 3 offers complete control of your Nimbus System. Control lights, shades, security, music and view live camera feeds from your favorite mobile device


Easily search over 15,000 holiday cottages throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Book online our call our reservation center from within the App.

Search for holiday cottages and visitor attractions close to your location.

Add reviews for each of our holiday cottages.

Spoon It Forward | What to Eat and Where


You know that foodie friend you call on for recommendations?
Well, that’s who we are and what we do. Except we fit right in your pocket.

Spoon It Forward is a platform for food lovers to find and share signature dishes.
Being more than just restaurant discovery, we’re about connecting tourists and locals alike with the city’s must-eats.

Powered by our food lovin’ community, photos and dish ratings are posted by users so you instantly get the lowdown on what’s being served and what you should order.

In short, we’re simply answering the question of “what’s good here?” for local eateries.

Use Spoon It Forward to:

* Discover ‘what’s good’ at your local – we rate dishes, not restaurants

* Search and find the best dishes nearby

* Directly recommend dishes to friends so they can easily save it for their next visit

* Filter your search options to find all day breakfasts, late night munchies or blogger’s choice etc

* Follow trusted food bloggers and check out what’s trending in each city

* Build a beautiful gallery to showcase and keep track of all that deliciousness you’ve devoured

* Share photos to your social circles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Based in Sydney – other cities currently being trialled
Made by locals; shared by all

We value your feedback so please continue to send us comments or suggestions to

Happy eating!



A social app that makes a game out of NOT using your smartphone! Once users create a profile on the app, they can set up an Event and invite friends, family, or co-workers to play. The Event’s creator also chooses a Consequence (e.g. a punishment) as motivation for players to stay social. All players invited get a push-notification showing the Event, and after accepting, everyone turns off their phones. Once the phone is locked, the game begins! As long as the game is on, any player who unlocks their phone will automatically generate a push-notification to the other players, showing who it was. That player will then face the Consequence, as shown on their phone.

We think smartphones are great, but there are just some times and places where they make us forget what is right in front of us – the company of our friends and family in the real world.


Health Data Display


Health Data Display provides beautiful graphs to track your health and fitness.

The dashboard provides you with a quick and easy way to see your health information that is stored in the Apple Health app (using Apple’s HealthKit).