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Added: December 30, 2015

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A social app that makes a game out of NOT using your smartphone! Once users create a profile on the app, they can set up an Event and invite friends, family, or co-workers to play. The Event’s creator also chooses a Consequence (e.g. a punishment) as motivation for players to stay social. All players invited get a push-notification showing the Event, and after accepting, everyone turns off their phones. Once the phone is locked, the game begins! As long as the game is on, any player who unlocks their phone will automatically generate a push-notification to the other players, showing who it was. That player will then face the Consequence, as shown on their phone.

We think smartphones are great, but there are just some times and places where they make us forget what is right in front of us – the company of our friends and family in the real world.


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